Black Friday At The Hundreds SF

Didn't know I was on KTVU News. I was the dude who took a pic with flash.
1:42 - 1:45

We got at The Hundreds sale at 10:30 p.m & there was exactly 25 - 30 people ahead of us. Around 4 a.m. there was people cutting in line. There were now 50 - 60 people ahead of us. There was this homo ass asian kid who we knew cutted. Bitch was scared for his life. Blue Jacket along with this other dude with neon chucks and a warriors jacket cutted. They gave tickets out for no reason. The blue jacket guy was with his boy, but his boy left his homie, blue jack. Right when blue jacket kid comes out I was talking hella shit, dude just walked away didnt say shit. I was going to jack his ass. There was another dude that people told me that flicked me off, man I was heated. Shit was un-organized. Went in the store took 2 minutes and got a pillow, socks, three tee's, free stickers, and the black friday shirt.

10.30 p.m

Blue jacket homo kid.

Black Friday pick up goodies.