I heard this song about 20 times on the radio, songs catchy. Any who, Karl wanted to "cheel" & Justin got paid on Friday, so he wanted to go downtown and hit up the local spots. We ended up chilling at Karl's for a bit and suppose to go to Haight, which was the original plan, but ended up at Twin Peaks, because my ass wanted to drive around like a dumbass. Headed downwards to the locals. Got food and Ron chilled with us for bit. The Hundreds dropped there one year anniversary shirt and two hats. This is the main reason why we wanted to go to San Francisco in the first place. I ended up getting the anniversary tee with ease.

This is Twin Peaks. Great view if your going site seeing. When we were up here, there was a bunch of tourist and tour buses. I feel sorry for those people who paid to see a good view on probably those off set weather days. I mean, it was sprinkling whiling wind was blowing at your face.

I never really cared much about f stop on cameras until really today. I mean yes I understand the lower the f stop, the greater the light you get and the higher the f stop, the lower the light you get. Not until today, I realize why Karl's 135mm L lens from Canon cost 900+. Playing with Canon's most of the day, instead of my Nikon, well that shit gave me a glimpse. For now, I shall blog more about this in the future, but don't get me wrong, I love my camera. Jeremy & Eric, if your reading this, I take back what I said about 50mm lens, 70-200mm, & 10-20mm lens.