The trip has begun. Justin got off Bart at El Ceritto Plaza, something a bit different. Afterwards, back to Jeds house to play with fire. Knocked out at Jed's and went back to the criby for an hour, then went back to Jeds. Headed out to SF, then Japan Town for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Pretty dope, JEd and Justin never been there, so it was something new for them to experience.

Afterwards, went to Huf on Sutter to get the new Huf fitted since thats one out of two reasons why Justin came down. Justin got the fitted with ease, no lines or no hassel. Headed out to Daly City Tanforan to check that mall out for something different. After that, went to Karen's house to relax a bit and watched Pineapple Express. Movie is mad funny.


The guy you see behind the cash register is Ron. He once use to live in Hercules, and in San Pablo, both were I currently live and use to reside. In the words of Ron, "It's a small world."