420 is an interesting day. Not only do weed smokers yet alone weed lovers smoke the fuck out, but it was Jeremy's birthday. Super youngster he is. After school headed out to Jeremy's house for a small gathering and bbq. Happy Birthday again Jeremy.

On Friday, my brother had gone camping and he came back Sunday. He had came back with a baby squirrel. I asked him "How he got the baby squirrel?" He said "The mom wasn't around, so I took it." The next day, Monday, he came to find out the baby squirrel died by the heatness. My brother is an idiot. He gave it bread and water and even went to the local pet store for some legit food. See, little did I know, baby squirrel hiss at you when there sleeping. Didn't know that. So I asked him, "What are you going to do with it, bury the baby squirrel?" He said "Naw, i'm a blow it up."

Awake, and sleeping.