DXC SF 05.30.09

Another DXC event and I must say this one was between good & bad. Again Each time there is a DXC event it always has it's pros and cons. It was good seeing similar faces and meeting new people like always. That's one of the great things about DXC, you get to chill with people you haven't seen in a while or the only time you ever kick it with people.

For the first time, I saw the pre-sale tickets making a upcoming part of the event. I myself would not or will I ever buy pre-sale tickets due to the fact ever since the first DXC SF event I have always been waking up early and trying to be the first one in line. Why? Because of tradition and passion towards shoes.

I was the guy selling OG Grape V's with Og box Size: 9.5. Again it was nice seeing similar faces and meeting new people. Can't wait for the next DXC event.

What I wore:
Black beanie x White tee x Levis x True Blue III's. Me, far left.

The only shoes I wanted, but not my size.