Pissed & Upset

For those who care;

I got kicked out my parents house for not doing nursing and perusing something else that I should of done when I graduated High School. They took away my car, Tina and no longer is that my car. My parents decision is very complex in this situation. I am planning on living in San Francisco soon. I believe school is not for everyone & I plan on working. I'm trying to find a job and so is Mindy since Mindy & I live together. We both plan on getting a apartment hopefully this year because I can't stand my parents anymore.

I told my parents I didn't wanna do nursing and I'm being forced upon my half to finish something I don't want, so I decided to quit. My dad tells me I'll never amount to anything and I'll just work at McDonald's. My mom doesn't care. They said this is my last chance, and if I don't finish, get out of this house and live somewhere else. 75% percent of me was only doing this for money and how I saw my parents live a good life and I didn't want a dead end job, but at the same time I liked helping people. Basically, if I don't do nursing, they don't support me.

I don't know what's going to happen to Mindy & I. Hopefully we shall be okay. This may be the last blog entry.

- Rolando Tanedo Jr aka Rolo.