Restless nights with recaps.

Everything is going so quick while I get 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night. I can see eye bags forming real bad. Quick recap of this week so far.

I finally got some hours of sleep, but not enough that I wanted. Later that night I ended up playing Monopoly with Mitch, K.J., & Mindy. I tried showing Mitch this new drink I like called Midori after taking it at my cousins, couldn't had enough of it. Mitch hates it haha. I got buzzed/drunk of that which is a ending result of me winning by most money but not by property.

Today was Baskin Robins 31 cent per scoop for there 31 flavors. I had stopped by GameStop to return and in exchange get a new game for achievements. Ended up getting to my local Baskin Robins and what a big line. Jed & I didn't wanna wait so we ended up going to Ichiban Kan. Ichiban Kan is this great priced Japanese store. Really dope.


Had school that day, getting tired of it actually. Planning on quitting and persuing in something what I believe I should do. Did a meet up with T.J. in S.F. downtown that day for, yeah sneakers pretty much but this is an expectation. Afterwards I headed out to a couple of the spots and I got The Thing Mighty Mugg for $9.99 at Urban Outfitters. Great find since they charge more, but it was on sale. Just need a few more and I shall be set, but they keep coming out with more Mighty Muggs so i'm not sure though. I shall stick to the ones that i've always wanted. Headed out to my cousins house, actually second home and to visit. I had seen Tiger gotten more fat then usual and started to eat grass and plants. Weird ass Tiger.

For a change I might say, when was the last time I took pictures that weren't fisheye? I stopped by Ritz Camera to see some lens even though I don't plan on buying any. I say that they had 17-55mm f/2.8 Really really dope lens at a $1000+, not only that a great f stop. The thing was that it was kind of heavy. Good quality though which is always a must. One thing is for sure, a 50mm seems good right about now.

This is Tiger and he likes to eat grass. I'm more of a dog person, but this cat made me more open minded about cats though.

Watching Bulls vs Celtics overtime was crazy that day.

For the longest, I've never actually owned a holy grail in Jordans. These are my holy grails, but not the condition I want. So I call them grails. I wish I had my Sport Blue VI's in this picture though, but there long gone. In Sb's, Unkles were my Holy Grails, and till this day, there one of the best Hi top SB's imo. I had always wanted White/Infared VI's for the longest, but no one was selling a pair for a great or decent price, yet alone in my size. Cracked or not, box or not, I just wanted to have White/Infared VI's for the longest. I plan on wearing these and fixing them up.


Another victory for Pacman. Congrats to him.