Space Invaders Extreme

I had gone to Game Stop to get some Microsoft Points to get Yosumin! , but I ended up getting Space Invaders Extreme. I found the demo more exciting and fun rather then Yosumin! which kept me bored for some reason. Right now I have 4 out of 12 achievements, 55 out of 200 in total. I'm struggling with level 5 for some reason. I haven't made it to the boss yet.

I was on, and since im on that forum, I came upon how to get S Rank. Really helpful site.

While on youtube, I came across, this video that I seen a while back. Pretty cool.

If anyone has this game for xbox 360, please inform me. I need to get some achievements online, since no one seems to be online on that game which sucks. Also I wouldn't mind playing for fun as well. In other news, I added a new banner and music as well.

Gt: dunksrnice