Had a bunch of errands to run today. Still got a few more to go, but I think im a sit back and relax and just enjoy myself. I need to do/finish my resume so I can get this other job which is great because its an opportunity i'm not trying to miss out. I told myself I would do it today, doesn't look like ti far, fail.

Anyways, I am very excited about tomorrow. Hopefully this one goes through and doesn't turn out like Sunday. I have been waiting for a while now.

Ever since I had gotten my 50mm, I just cant stop using it. I can only imagine what a f/1.2 is, crazy. I actually took the time to take my wdywt. I also forgot my camera also has 10 or 20 second time thingy. Not only that, I get to choose one all the way up to 9 pictures. Dang I was slow all this time using 10 seconds and 1 shot per 10 seconds, fail haha.

06.09.09 True Blue III's