Quick recap on that Post fitted ish.

- I almost got jumped by 3 hood figgas, because it was 2 or 3 a.m and they were chasing me 2 blocks away from The Hundreds. I go around the corner and go down a hill (i'm on a fixe/fixed gear by the way) Im going down hill and I dont know how to stop so I crash into a tree. I ended up blowing out the front tire of the fixed gear which sucks even more. Couple scratches and two bumps on my head. No brakes, so dangerous.

- I got $60 parking ticket because I didn't fill the meter, or it was too late.

- I sold my Post fitted for $90 dollars to my friend(Sup Michael), was looking for $80, but since I got that ticket, $90. Sold within less then 10 seconds. Mindy bought a hat for my friend(Sup Romel, enjoy the fitted), she came up on 30 dollars. By the way Mindy & I don't wear fitteds so we just sell them for cheap, always below $100 and not raping people like everyone else.

- 4 people cutted, and people don't do nothing, even though were 20+ people deep, so some decided to cut them instead.

If their's another fitted hat release, I'm selling it under $100, that way, the person buying it off me won't have to pay as much as others. Honestly, this Post fitted is alright, could of been better. Glad I wear beanies, there replaceable and inexpensive. I mean don't get me wrong, I like fitteds and all, but that's not my thing. Was it worth it? Yeap, I'm not working so its another way to gain money.

There always either some weird shit going on or some interesting shit going on while waiting in line for whatever, in this case, this man starts to sing for change.

We found mini me.