San Lorenzo x American Canyon

I wasn't planning on doing anything today, but I decided to head out to San Lorenzo to Rob's house to get a 50mm. Rob if your reading this Thanks. Any who, chilled with Brandon and Jeremy and had some New York pizza. There pizza is really huge compared to many others I have had. Brandon if your reading this, thanks and great pizza, I owe you one. Afterwards headed out to Sonic's since it's them showing appreciation for customers.

Got my free 10oz Root Beer Float. Everytime we come down, Paolo always comes down to chill and eat. Went to Walmart to go grab a few things. Paolo left because he had a Senior project. Got some more needed things at Walmart. Walmart is my bestfriend haha.

When I was thinking about getting ready and deciding which shoe to wear today. I forgot I had Fire Red III's since 2007. I still got a bunch of shoes I keep forgetting since I wear my most favorite sneakers most. They still brand new.

Courtesy of Rob.

Courtesy of Mindy.