Thinking and evaluating

Creating ideas for something different I think. Anyways I'm off to go play some Call of Duty 4. Last night I decided to take off a bunch of people I use to play off my friends list. I hit my 100th friend today for like the 7th time and it was annoying me because I had to keep deleting people.

I decided to keep the people who I usually play with and remove people off my list for others who actually want to play. I can't believe I took off 40 people. Also Karl finally uploaded pictures when we went to San Jose to Mikey's BBQ thingy. Thanks Karl.

I forgot I had my first customs in there box collecting dust. I retired for good reasons, but it's nice to remember the good times. Before deciding to do the red, black, and white colorway, I had 3 prototypes but the same Unkle design. Those designs are in a scrap book that I did in 2005 - 2006.

06.10.09 Poorman Unkle Low Customs