Two for one.

Yesterday Eric called and asked if I wanted to go to Palo Alto with Ken. Somewhere by Standford Mall or something. Eric had to do a meet up and then we had to rush. By rushing you tend to forget and not only that, he didn't eat so we stopped by Tap Ex. Quick reminder, don't rush, and stay calm. They ended up watching Transformers 2. They watched it at Midnight. From the reviews, it's a good movie to see. I heard Optimus Prime wasn't being a pussy and fought three decepticons and beat all three.

Today I woke up from Mindy knocking on my door and telling me that True had gotten the Do The Right Thing I's. From looking at the samples, they had this ugly inner design which threw me off. Thank god those were samples and those aren't going to be on them. Another bonus was the fact that it also came with a tag explaining the Air Jordan I High. It's a bonus, but makes it way better in my opinion.

Can't wait for more great things from Jordan Brand. A lot of people complain about quality and how Jordan Brand sucks. If you don't like it don't get it, that simple. It's funny how many people want certain Air Jordan's retroed, but when they retro, they complain about the quality, oh its Jumpman Air, not Nike Air. Just be happy Jordan Brand is actually retroing shoes we want. For example, Air Jordan Fire Red III. The first time that colorway came out was in 1988, and Jordan Brand finally retroed them in 2007.

Again the nagging and complaints how the elephant print was too dark. If you take a look at an orginal pair, the elephant print was dark. Oh the quality sucks, then don't get it, simple as that. Oh it's nubuck, not leather. A bunch of people complaing, and it's funny how majority of people still get them. I mean don't get me wrong, I like them, and thats all that matters. If Jordan Brand finally retroed a sneaker you always wanted, and there was one or two things off, would you cop?