DXC SF 09.20.09 Recap

This event this time around was okay. Again, it was great seeing familiar face & meeting new people again. Sometimes this is the only time you chill with certain people and never again. Thanks to Simba for letting us in for free, appreciate that alot. There were tons and tons of sellers and not enough buyers. There were the steals and deals of course. There was only one shoe I wanted through out the whole event and that was 1985 Metallic Green/White in my size. The metallic green around the ankle and swoosh was barley cracking and coming off.

Those babies were at Cliff's table (old asian guy) He was asking for $950, no og box, but of course he always hooks me up since he knows me. Overall I sold my 1985 baby I's and retro baby Concords. At the very end of the event, Cliff was getting ready to pack up his shoes. He still had alot of og I's for sale. I couldn't believe he had og white and grey I's in size 4.5 which I never see these days. Cliff was asking for $400, then it got lowered to $250, which then lowered to $200. Steal! I used most of my money to help Mindy buy her I's.

I was the dude in black beanie, glasses, Fatlace shirt, & 2001 true blue III's. Can't wait for the next event, see you there!

I have all original files, if you would like a picture that your in with no tag, let me know. Thanks.