Bash with a treat

My bestfriend, Mitch, his birthday was on Tuesday, October 27th. Yesterday was his birthday dinner. Ate at Koi Sushi Boat in Union City. Place wasn't bad compared to other sushi places I have eaten. I ordered Chicken Teriyaki, as well as Mindy. Slim had brought his Lumix Panasonic DMC-GH1 camera. Pretty dope considering this one shot in HD. What caught my eye was Mitch & KJ were telling me he had bought this old Canon film lens. I ended up checking the lens out, found out it was a Canon 55mm f/1.2, amazing. If this was a modren day lens, that lens alone is an L lens.

After wards, we decided to hit up Club NV since it was Mitch's day to do whatever he wanted. Since we were in Union City & the Bay Bridge was closed, we took Highway 101. This was probably the more packed I have ever saw at Club NV. After wards, headed back, but we had to take Golden Gate Bridge. This was the first time I actually drove on the Golden Gate bridge, since I always take the Bay Bridge. I shall be coming back on this bridge some time to take a few photos. Took about two hours to get back to Mitch's. Since everyone was tired, we all just knocked out at Mitch's.

The next day, was more of a relaxing day, so Mindy & I didn't wanna go back home, so we just chilled at Mitch's house. After wards, I decided to play Monopoly. Played about one of two games. Decided to play like ultra, super, crazy Monopoly. Combined four Monopoly boards together and it actually went well, except, we play differently. We don't trade unless all properties are bought. Since there's four boards going on, it took 4 hours just to get all. We were all hungry, frustrated, and annoyed that it took that long to get all the properties, that we decided to eat Mcdonalds. Only reason why was because there doing the Monopoly during this time.

Took about 2 hours just to finish the game. We some what all agreed decided not to do that again, unless were really bored and have nothing better else to do. Right now it's 3:31 a.m and today is Halloween. Happy Halloween for those celebrate Halloween, most of the time it's majority of a lot of people. Last year, I gave out candy for those who went trick or treating. This year I'm doing that again. Mitch & KJ said they would just chill with Mindy & I for Halloween, but they got some stuff planned so I'm not to sure of that. Any who, as always, peep my Flickr & follow!