Mad world.

Recently, Ron had installed Lightroom 2 and I must say it's very different from Photoshop. I usually use Photoshop most of the time, but I wanted to see how Lightroom is. Let's just say it's some what difficult for me since I new to it. Chilled at Ron's house for the most part, and then ended up night shooting to this spot we have been talking for quite awhile now. Now that I know the way, I shall stop by that spot during the day time. As always, peep my Flickr and follow!

Going through this Photobucket folder, I found some pictures of World Of Dance, 2008. Glad I never delete most of my stuff, but lately since I tag everything now, I got to start remembering to not do that as much. It's a common thing I do to save pictures if they mean something to me or just the thought of one day i'll look back at the photo and go I remember that, or I remember this. Ahh good times, good times.

Kaba Modern.

Taeko from Fysh n Chicks

And last but not least, Bay Area's Supreme Soul. I can say I know them personally, rather from I know of them. Shout out to my best friend Mitch, his birthday is coming up.

I only have my 2001 True Blue III's & Invader Zim Grr Slippers. The rest were sold/traded. Dam, miss taking rotation WDYWT shoe pictures.