I got a couple questions asking, what was I doing for Halloween? Halloween is almost here. I usually end up getting free candy, but this year, looks like i'm going to give out candy. Shout out to my best friend Mitch, he turned the big 2-0 today. I also took some pictures since it's fall and more and more leafs kept falling. My dog Mimi actually wanted to come outside and run around. Although taking a picture of her, I saw that she was getting old and fat. Normally smaller dogs live longer then bigger dogs, but since Mimi is overweight her life is cut off. I need to start walking her more and more.

I was on twitter and I notice two of my friends talking about some random stuff, so I decided to click on the link. I came across this persons Tumblr,
At first I looked at her Tumblr and knowing me, I don't have a Tumblr. I scrolled down and notice one of my pictures were being used, except the fact my tag was cropped out, basically not shown. I'm not mad or anything, but give credit were credit is due. I showed it to one of my friends and he said;

"Tumblr is gay as shit. People take everyone's photos and never give credit."

I replied back saying;

"Probably one reason why you have Tumblr is because your lazy to blog."

This just gives me another reason not to join Tumblr. I find it a new hype for 2009, like Twitter. As your self, why did you join Tumblr or Twitter? Don't get me wrong, Tumblr is alright for that one picture post thing I suppose, but your just another person catching along it. As for Twitter, I only joined twitter to promote my blog. If you check most of my tweets, it's based on working on pictures or check my blog. I knew twitter was a great way to get my blog out more seeing that Twitter is everywhere. I am seeing the same thing that happen last year with Blogger. A wide variety of people joined Blogger in 2008, now I barley see updates from an average blog entry or maybe because there just lazy to blog.

I know now how Karl O. feels when he took that picture of that couple holding hands, and the girl knew she was the person in the photo, but never gave credit to Karl O., nor did she put at least a link or a source saying were she got the photo. Shout out to Karl O. Any who, as always, Peep my Flickr & follow!