Viva Las Vegas *56K Warning

Over the weekend, I stayed in Vegas with Jed's family. They have been planning this for some time now. They usually do this every year or every other year. I went to Vegas with barley any money. I was just happy going and taking pictures. That was pretty much all on my mind.

I ended up packing later then usual because I was told we were staying only for two days, but ended up being more. So that took longer then expected. I got to Jed's house around evening time. We were all waiting for Jed's family and Justin to arrive. We ended up leaving around eleven o-clock that night. Around one or two a.m. ish we decided to take our first pit stop break. It was cold out there on Highway 5. We stopped called Pilot which Jed's family always stop. Great place with such deals on candy, food, & drinks. I ended up buying three candy bars for two dollars and two gum packs for two dollars. Honestly it was a steal to me.

Since Jed's mom was getting tired and it was getting late, I ended up driving since Justin was going to drive first, but I told him let me drive since I wanted to take pictures later in the morning. I drove for a few hours until I realize how boring and dead Highway 5 gets. we stopped at another Pilot gas station place to switch off, stretch and use the bathrooms. Justin ended up driving the whole entire way towards Vegas.

When we got to Vegas, I expected it the weather to kick in and be hot, but it was average. It was in the 70's and windy. I thought it would of been hot. While arriving to Vegas we didn't go towards the hotels like we were suppose to, we ended up stopping by Jed's uncles house since he has family here as well as a house. Meet there family and ate there since no one felt like buying food. I was tired since I really didn't get much sleep and it get uncomfortable in a van. I tried to eat as much as possible because I knew my hunger would of kicked in.

After wards, we headed out to Paris, which we stayed at. Got to the hotel room and relaxed for a bit. I decided to go out and take pictures while Mindy was staying with me at all times. Mindy has never been to Vegas so she was just enjoying her time being here. We walked all over the place. Some parts kept the same and some others didn't. New buildings here and there. Ended up shopping around since Mindy wanted to look around and buy stuff. Got back to the hotel room and rested. We headed over to Monte Carlo to go grab a bite. From there I experienced my first time gambling in an actual hotel.

I ended up playing this one cent penny slow machine. The only reason why I played this machine was because it had Monopoly on it. I only put a dollar to see what would happen. I didn't know what I was doing so I lost a dollar haha. After wards, we headed to another hotel called Orleans. Place was alright. We ended up waiting until it was one o-clock so we can bowl for cheap. Ended up not being what we really wanted it to be. I also found out a new way to bowl which is great. Headed back to the Paris hotel and crashed from there.

Ended up late for Jed's grandma's and aunties birthday party. It was cool since I was mad hungry and kept eating everything. From there, we decided to try and see most of the hotels and the great structures around Las Vegas since we haven't done that yet. Justin and Jed were looking to go shopping as well. After shopping around and looking around, I ended up buying two slushi type drinks with alcohol for Mindy & I. I ended up getting buzzed off it since it was those creeping type drinks. We also stopped by Gameworks to play for a while. After wards walked around and ended up stopping by tons of random hotels and what not. We were tired so we ended up going back to Paris hotel since it was already getting dark. Just chilled from there since we ended up not doing anything else. Jed and Justin had this Iphone ap game called Geo-Defense. I ended up being addicted to that game since it's a tower defense type of game which I like a lot. Ended up playing until four a.m ish.

Vegas was great experience. One of those experiences you end up not forgetting. Who knows when I might come back there, but one thing for sure is I am.

I) - I need a laptop for all my pictures. I can't keep relying on my computer for this. I already slacked off many times because I don't have a laptop. Shit sucks.

II) - I need a job. I have applied so many times and to so many places. I keep getting the same answer "Thanks for applying to (Insert name here). Sorry we are currently not hiring at the moment, but we shall keep your record for 90 days. If you do not hear from us please re-apply." I also do call back, keep them annoyed of course, & I also ask people around. Sigh* Somebody help me out!

III) - When it comes to the latest and greatest technology, I'm the last person to find out or last person to have. I need some entertainment in my life rather from my Xbox 360.

IV) - Got my third Red Ring of Death today 10.07.09, towel trick worked again, YES!