Pace yourself

I just notice how late/early it is. It's currently 5:12 A.M right now, & I just got done uploading my photos from Lightroom, now it's the whole export and import that I am waiting on. For the last few days or so, I have been constantly playing Modern Warfare 2 non stop. It's very addicting for those who have played Multiplayer. I have yet to finish campaign yet, but slowly working on Spec Ops. Any who, on Saturday was the fight, Pacquiao vs Cotto. One of my friends while playing Xbox Live was saying, "Oh dam, it's another Holiday for Filipinos!" Found that funny. Congrats to Pacquiao on another victory.

I also went to Mitch's grandmas 75th birthday party, I was told to preform and dance with Mitch & Nick, but ended up being Nick & Mitch. Saw the fight at my cousin Karens house. Afterwards, headed to Ron's to visit him. Ended up playing Monopoly, two rounds. Ron decided to sleep over since he wasn't doing anything. Any who, it's pretty late right now as i'm typing this so as always peep my Flickr & Follow!