Venting 002: Slacking and Modern Warfare 2.

Just notice that I haven't been blogging a lot lately due to the fact im addicted to Modern Warfare 2. Basically, I'm going to try and get more back into after I hit my goal of top 100 out of 5 million plus global on Xbox Live. As of right now,

MW2 Status:
Score: 200ish Global
Kills: 200ish Global

I want to hit my goal of top 100, but lately, there has been tons of private matches and people are boosting. Basically what this means, I did alot of effort and time playing on this game constantly, means it was a waste because I could of done something like this. The thing is what I don't get is the fact that people boost to get were they wanna be. I mean I rather have fun and actually earn what I really wanna earn, but it's kind of hard when people constantly boost. I might be a hypocrite, but I have only played a couple games of those private matches to actually see how it was. This started ever since there has been an update. The update was for a couple reasons, Javelin glitch, Care package glitch, & matchmaking. The more and more people do these types of stuff, the more updates and patches we get.

I also finally decided to put Google Adsense on my blog at the very bottom. I want to see how much revenue I can earn by doing this. In return, I want to give back to those are "Fans" of my blog. For those who actually do check my blog everyday and say there a fan, I appreciate all the feedback I get from you guys. It keeps me motivated.

You can help me out and click the 5 links at the bottom of my blog. It will either pop up another window, or redirect you to another search ad. If so, that means I get money from them. I gladly appreciate it.

Shout out to;
Benson: Dropping off some goodies.
Ron: Thanks for everything.
Chris: Came back from Hawaii for winter break. Good seeing you.