001 & 002 of 365

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So I have decided to start a 365 day of items for 2010. Sounds cliche, but I never got the chance to try it. Normally people would take certain pictures of lights or portraits, but I wanted to take pictures of items and objects I use everyday in my life. I don't have a name for it or any certain title, but I just call it 365, Item of the day basically.

Also if you haven't notice I changed my tag, the last one, well, I had a few problems with it. This one is much better and seems easier for me. I also don't have my Flickr Pro account yet, but soon I'll have it, that way the pictures of the quality are more better then photobucket. Not only that, Flickr won't exceed my shit, which really sucks. Also, a new picture for my profile has my added as well.

There's more I would like to add, but right now it's 4:51 a.m. and I still have got half of everything I wanted to do. Again, keep in mind "Less is more."

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Day 001 of 365, Xbox 360 Controller.

Day 002 of 365, Lens hood.