2009 Recap *56K Warning*

2009, you really did me dirty. I had never a more rough and worst year then, well ever. This was probably the year of the death and I had lost two friends because of you. I never saw more celebrities die in one year and so many people lose there jobs to you. I'm just glad that it's over and now it's time to start a new beginning. I have many plans for 2010, and I'm just hoping that the direction I'm going through is the right one and not a bad road.

I didn't wanna do a shout out based on people because I feel if I missed one person, then I knew they would ask me "How come you didn't shout me out?" or "How come you didn't mention me?" For each picture and video I have ever took in 2009, you were in it basically. That's how I based it on. So don't blame me when I wanted to take a picture or video of you and you didn't let me, I tried.

Blog of the year: Johnny Cupcakes
The only blog that I believed to one of the best. I notice every time that people camped out for his stuff, he would show up and talk to the people. Also the videos from the recaps that he would do would make them even better. Inspired for blogging more.

Video blog of the year: Maestro Knows
I have always been interested in his videos from what he does. He has inspired me to blog more with his videos, not only that I keep asking myself, "How do you know these people?" Regardless what he does, I hope to see more videos from him because I believe what he does is amazing. Inspired for what you love to do.

Wedding Photographer of the year: Emin Kuliyev

If it wasn't for ISS/Solecollector I wouldn't find this dude. Thanks to whoever posted the thread about this guy. He keeps inspired for most of my photos that you see in general. For those who said I take great pics or in general all the pictures I have taken that were good, take a look at this dude. Inspired for the pictures of my blog.

January 2009

I spent New Years Eve/New Years with Greg with his family and friends. Thanks again Greg.

Another trip to San Jose, but with Justin, Jed, Henrik, & Derek.

We were hungry that night and we wanted Sonic's so we drove to Gilroy for Sonics & Patrick.

Another trip to San Jose, but with Zalo, Tony, Ron, Jerik, Jeremy, Justin, & Jed sleeping in the trunk.

February 2009

I had finally upgraded my camera.

Another Trip to San Jose. I met up with Marvin, Armani, & Ina that day. Marvin let me borrow his 10.5 Fisheye lens since I was waiting for mine in the mail.

We then later went to go eat at this bomb Mexican Burrito place. I recorded my very first fisheye video.

I then went to Justin's house that day since he wanted to see my camera.

I was introduced to Iminlikewithyou aka omgpop that month. Thank you for Marc Ryan & Jeremy for introducing this to me. It then lead to a bigger thing later on this year.

I met Pam for the first time & Chris finally came down to visit.

Patrick sold me his OG 1990 Fire Red V's with the 23 on the side to me. That day my new lens finally came in.

Mindy recorded this with my new lens, 10.5 Fisheye lens. This is when Halo was still going good & Me, Justin, Jed, Van, Kevin, Julian, John, John(Crisp) & a few others would always play this.

Sunvalley Mall with K.J, Mitch, Jed, & Jeremiah.

Jeremiah found something I would like.

Mitch found something as well.

That day I finally beat Mitch at Street Fighter. I was so happy because he would beat me hundreds and hundreds times. I finally beat him one time and that time was when Mindy recorded it.

That night, I watched Supreme Soul practice for an event coming up.

A video of some members practicing and some other people just messing around.

We were invited to Anna's 18th birthday.

That night, Jed wanted to show me something.

Mindy & I went to San Jose for the Battlefest. Amazing event.

One of the reasons why I hated 2009, was the many tickets I have gotten this year. This one was for speeding. I was going 107mph in a 65mph zone. It was a $700+ ticket which then was lowered to $600+ & I got 2 points on my record.

Free pancake day at IHOP.

Got OG 1985 Youth I's.

DXC SF 02.28.09

March 2009

John, Josh, & Jerome came to visit after living in Stockton. Desiree came to visit.

I got one my grails that I have been wanting for a while, for the price and condition I couldn't pass. Thanks Josh.

That day, I met up with Patrick again to find out I was getting these for free.

Another trip to San Jose, but with Ray, Rob, Jed, Justin, Patrick, Mikey, & Henrik.

Jed & the ending haha.

Brentwood for one of my classmates daughters birthday. I was still in the Nursing program. Kris, the guy you see right next to Mindy, was the first person I met and became one of my good friends.

Thanks Gabriel.

One of those nights at my house with Justin & Jed when we didn't have shit to do.

Another trip to San Francisco, but with Justin, Jed, & Karl. This was the time I had the hybrid and we put $10 for gas and we got major miles haha.

Late night cravings with Karen, King, Calvin, & Robyn.

April 2009

The times when I would always see a red Supra and my older brothers S2000. They would always fix there cars.

Getting free stickers from my homie Cris. Thanks Cris.

Bay Area Summit which you could say failed. The summit wasn't a fail, it was the people who flaked.

Zalo had got us in for free at the Academy of Science with Oliver, Vince, Ron, & Alan.

Went to Japan town with Justin & Jed for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

The day of the Cherry Blossom Festival was the day we saw Ron working at Fatlace. The guy behind the cash register & desk is Ron. Really cool guy and found out he use to live in San Pablo & Hercules like me. Small world.

I finally got my picture in the Sole Collector Magazine.

Treasure Island with Jed.

Another trip to San Lorenzo, but with Jerik, Jed, & Jeremy. It was hot that day & I sold Jerik a pair of 2001 Black Cement III's. Look at his face haha.

Another day in San Lorenzo at Jeremy's.

Finally sold my 1999 Black/Red IV's. Hard to let those go for some reason.

Another trip to Daly City with Justin, Alan, & Jed at Tap Ex.

That night, I drank at Karen's house.

Monopoly nights at Mitch's.

Instead of getting Baskin Robins 31 cents per scoop, Jed, Mindy & I got Japanese snacks instead since the line was forever long.

Were Tiger would let me take pictures of him. He's the only cat I ever liked.

When the Bulls vs Celtics overtime was crazy. Saw it at Karen's house.

I ended April with a bang by copping one of my grails, OG 1990 White/Infrared VI's for my homie T.J. Thanks again my dude. Not only that I also copped The Thing Mighty Mugg for my Mighty Mugg collection.

May 2009

Mitch and K.J got a dog for the first time. They named it Schmelly.

During this time, I had gotten kicked out my parents house for not doing what my parents really wanted me to do. I then came back which was great. Another reason why I hate 2009. I stayed at my bestfriend Mitch's house. This then became my third house.

The roof tops of Karen's house.

I got a new pet named Joe Black Supreme.

Christina came down from L.A. to visit and chilled with Zalo, Ron, & Karl.

My niece Hailey singing Boom Boom Pow.

Spent Memorial Day Weekend with Karen, King, Calvin, Robyn, Darla, & Hailey in Gilroy. That night I ended up getting drunk.

The weekend, Sole Collector was doing a photoshoot in San Francisco. Nick from Solecollector was giving out free magazines for those who took pictures. Justin, Jed, Ron, Lorina & Dextor was there that day.

Pre DXC and what Justin & Jed do.

Late night food cravings before DXC.

DXC SF 05.30.09 This was the time I went to go pick up Chris, Pam, Alan, and Jed & Justin didn't wanna get out of my car. So we fit 8 people in my car.

DXC line like always.

June 2009

Bowling with Mitch's family.

Another trip to Jeremy's house.

Rob sold me his 50mm f/1.8 That day he sold me, Mindy & me headed out to Sonic's in American Canyon for there free 10oz Root Beer Float.

The cultural festival of 2009 was spent with Mitch & K.J

That day, Mitch let me record his shoes.

That same day, I was invited to Mikey's party. Found out Karl & Patrick was there. Met Janson for the first time.

Quamae(sp?), Mikey, Karl, Mindy, Patrick, Mitch & K.J.

Late night runs to Walmart for food.

Uno and card games at Jeds.

Mitch finally got a new Monopoly set to play for our Monopoly nights.

Drunk Monopoly and the first one who usually passes out first is me, not a surprised.

Chillin with Breezy Excursion Crew.

Beach day with Mindy.

Ikea days with Mindy.

Weird shit always happens when I camp out.

Found Mini me, lol Ed.

Jeremy don't feel bad lol, shit happens.

Meet up's with Eric.

Mettalic I's.

Berkeley park with Mitch, Jed, K.J, Mimi, & Schmelly.

Santa Cruz with Mitch, K.J, & Mindy. I had gotten another speeding ticket since the they don't post the speed limit. Another reason why I hate 2009.

Drinking nights at Karen's.

Picnic with Karen, King, Calvin, & Robyn's bowling league friends & the basketball fun.

July 2009

First time being in House of Mayhem in San Mateo.

10.5 Fisheye lens sold.

Jed & Carla.

San Francisco's Exploratorium with Mitch, K.J, & Mindy.

Mitch teaching class at House of Mayhem.

Mitch & K.J messing around. R.J in the back doing Supremesoul.tv.

Mitch & R.J.

Very tragic moment, my friend Jay. R was murdered. This was the last photo I took of him. This was at my little brother's graduation. Again I hate 2009 for taking my friend.

4th of July was a great one. Spent it with Karen & King. Took pictures for Karen. Got some of my photos on this site for Morgan Hill.

Starting out young.

Karen on duty.

Bought some fireworks.

Bbq from King on 4th of July was good with Calvin, Robyn, Karen, & Mindy.

July was probably one of the best months ever. Turned 21. Played drunk Monopoly with Mindy, Mitch, & K.J. Dam Alcohol.

R.I.P Michael Jackson, forever missed, forever loved, &never forgotten.

Spent my birthday dinner at Hana Japan in Berkeley with my family and friends. My two brothers, Reniel & Rhandy.

This was cool.

Another trip to San Jose with Anthony, Justin, Jed, & Mindy.

Spent time before Chris left to Hawaii.

More House of Mayhem.

Academy of Science with Eric, Ron, & Ed.

Jed being dumb.

Sockhop with Mitch & K.J.

Another trip to San Jose with Jeremy, Rob, Jed, Justin & Mindy.


St Anne Church Festival with Mitch & K.J.

Kite Festival in Berkeley with Mitch, K.J, & Mindy.


House of Mayhem open style battle. C.J. doing what he does best.

Santa Cruz again.

August 2009

Walnut Creek with Mindy, Justin, & Jed.

Got new lens, 180mm f.2.8

San Francisco's Pistahan Festival

Rhandy's 18th birthday.

Full day of San Francisco shooting with Zalo, Ron, & Jed.

Clear Lake with Mitch's family, K.J. & Nick.

Gabriel Diaz came down and finally came through. Great meeting your family & KFC Jug!

Gabriel Diaz taking the Moron test lol.

Sean & his bike.

Another trip to Berkeley with Ron, Zalo, Jed, & Mindy.

R.I.P Chad, miss you my friend. Lost my second friend. Another reason why I hate 2009.

Moshi monsters.

Mitch teaching class.

Sneakerpimps with Greg, Arlene, & NSB fam.

Watched Clipse preform for the first time live.

September 2009

At Rons.

Camping out for another fitted with Ron & Mindy. As always, weird shit happens.

The line of course.

Some hypebeast & his gf.

Got Red Ring of Death for the first time, but fixed it myself.
Towel trick for the win.

Got new lens, 60mm f/2.8 Micro.

Visited Charles & Marc Ryan. I forgot the other guys names already, fail.

Another trip to San Jose with Mindy & Marvin. Thanks again Marvin for the lens.

Monopoly at Jeds house with Justin & Mindy.

Another trip to Berkeley with Justin, Mindy & Jed.

Slim Jims house with Mitch, K.J, & R.J.

Eric's for beer pong.

Rico, my childhood best friend since kindergarten.

MAV Foundation 1st Annual Fashion Show.

C.J. birthday at House of Mayhem in San Mateo.

Pre DXC at Rons.

DXC SF 09.20.09, the line like always.

Drunk monopoly nights at Mitch's.

Mitch & K.J got a new puppy named Munchkin.

Mindy's birthday.

October 2009

Vegas with Alan, Jed, Justin, & Mindy's first time being in Vegas.

Mitch threw a party for the first time at his house. Someone stole his Itouch. Met Trisha for the first time.

Another trip to Union City with Mike, Mitch, K.J, Trisha, & Mindy. Mike still owes me 8 dollars.

That same day, we ended up all chipping in and getting Monopoly City.

More monopoly nights at Mitch's.

Rhandy taking the moron test.

Pumpkin carving with Rhandy & Christine.

Celebrated Mitch's birthday at Union City.The camera I'm holding is Slim's Lumix camera with Canon's 55mm f/1.2 film lens.

Played extreme Monopoly with four boards, fun and long.


November 2009

McDonald's Monopoly.

Mindy & I spent our 4 years in Concord & San Francisco.

Re-took a picture from 2008 of Pinole.

Hercules, 2009.

Modern Warfare 2, favorite game of the year.

Mitch's grandma's birthday in American Canyon.

Pacquiao vs Cotto fight at Karen's.

Karen's birthday gathering.

John came down and visited again. Monopoly at Mitch's.

Thanksgiving at Karen's with the family.

Got drunk again at Mitch's and met Mitch's childhood bestfriend, Andrew for the first time.

Marvin's crib which is big as hell.

Jeremy's cousin birthday which was a Hello Kitty Theme. Romar & Sharleen.

Jeremy and Samantha.

December 2009

Bokeh Christmas lights.

DXC SF 12.15.09, probably will be the last DXC I will go until this economy gets better basically.

More Bokeh.

Modern Warfare 2 hit me big. Never been that addicted to a game really.

Another trip to Emeryville & Berkeley with Sean & Mindy.

More bokeh, but at Mitch's house.

Drunk Monopoly at Mitch's house with Rhandy, Mitch, K.J, & Mindy.

New lens, 17-55,, f/2.8. Thanks Marvin.

Christmas Eve at Karen's.

Christmas with Karen, King, Calvin, Robyn, Rhandy, Reniel, & Mindy. Went bowling and scored my first 121.

Another trip to Daly City & Serramonte with Jed, Carla, Alan, Justin & Mindy. Congrats to Jed getting his lisence. Saw Sean & Kay K.