So last Sunday, I was working during Superbowl XLIV. I had to work, which was cool, but I watched the Superbowl on the internet on nfl.com It was alright, kept getting constant updates, although, I thought the Colt's were going to take it, and then I changed my mine to Saints, then back to Colts. It's weird, but I don't watch sports as much so I wouldn't really care. My prediction was 20-32, I was kinda close. Monday was another day, self explanatory. since today was my day off, I decided to head out to Walnut Creek and shop around since I haven't done that in the longest.

Check out the local spots, and since Ron never been there before I showed him around. I also received my Valentines Day gift from Mindy early. I received house shoe slippers that are mad comfy, gray crew neck, & two shirts. I also bought and gave Mindy her early Valentines day gift early as well. I got her these H&M flats that were mainly black and some what purple & 3 shirts. So out of all the days in one year, 365, it's one day where you show affection, appreciation, & gratitude to the one you love or have a crush on.

I thought when you marry someone, your suppose to love them everyday no matter what right? I do this everyday when I'm with Mindy so technically on Valentines day we don't celebrate it like every other person that celebrates it. We don't don't get each other the common items or materialistic stuff like flowers, candy, or teddy bears. We buy each other stuff that we would use everyday or something that we need, not want. Maybe that's just us. Any who, for Valentines day, I shall be in San Francisco for the annual pillow fight, should be fun.

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