Been tired due to lack of sleep. Just been working for the last few days. Today was my day off, but Tommy asked if I wanted to work. I said yes since I wouldn't mind having more hours. I told myself that when an opportunity hits me in the face, take it with no regrets. I also got another photo shoot thanks to Marvin King. It's his friend, that's a model. I forgot her name since I deleted my text message inbox, but she has hella experience. This one isn't a paid photo shoot, it's more for fun and experience that I can add into my portfolio.

I had to meet up with Marvin T. for the the fisheye lens for the up coming event in San Francisco. It's the annual pillow fight. I have been waiting patiently for this even and i'm pretty excited about it. Should be fun, but as much as possible I want to avoid being with the crowd because I know there going to attack me and Mindy. So I will try to stay away, but at the same time, try and capture some shots. Seems that February has been really good to me. Thanks you 2010.

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042 of 365, Import Tuner.

043 of 365, Mighty Muggs Bumblebee.