Two a days

I had work. That night is probably the night I'll never forget. We close the store at 7:00 p.m, and around 6:21, we got robbed by two African American dudes in the mid 20's. From what I remember, I hear Nhi, my co-worker scream really loud. I come and look and it was a gun point. They yelled "open the register now!" We were getting robbed. My other co-worker Frank had his hands up and so did Nhi because the gun was pointed both at them. The dude with the gun watched his partner come towards me and had his gun point at me. In my mind, hella shit was running through me. Like fuck, this guy is about to shot me. His partner said "open it!" He hopped over the counter and took the cash. They both ran out.

All this shit happen so fast. I was shocked because I never thought this could happen. After all the cops came and reviewed the cameras and did some c.s.i shit, I told Tommy my manager/boss that Me, Nhi, & Frank all agreed, that we didn't wanna go back to work at the same store but a different location because me and Frank thought about it, that it was too easy for two dudes to rob a whole store so quick. I really fell bad about my co-worker Nhi because the gun was mostly pointed at her face most of the time and was crying the whole time. After this shit, I'm pretty much traumatized.

Sean had told me that there was a place in S.F called Calumet that sells camera stuff for cheap. I got my two light stands for a very good price. Thanks Sean. We also went to check out Pro Camera which is a warehouse that does rentals on lens and body for really cheap. I got to actually play with my dream body, D3 & 70-200mm f/2.8. One word, Amazing! Chilled with Carl and meet his girlfriend Nina for the first time. Chilled with Zalo for a minute as well. Ate and chilled for the most part. Not a bad day for a day off.

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056 of 365, Calumet Mag.

057 of 365, Stand.