Good day

Today was a good day. Spent time with Mindy for the most part. Started off by going to this camera store in Walnut Creek that I have been passing for a little over 3 years. After all this time, I did not know there was a camera store. Very simple and one of the most nicest camera stores I have been to. Not the biggest, but very clean. Most of there lens were on glass display and you can check them out as well. Mindy found this camera store through yelp. The ratings were 4 or 5 stars. One lens that I kept checking was Nikon's 300mm f/2.8 AF-S ED. That lens is a tank. Right next to it was Nikon's 300mm f/4. Pretty dope. I ended up getting a Black Raid RS-4 strap. It's so comfy and way better then a regular Nikon strap.

Afterwards, we headed back to my house to eat. After eating, headed out to Rodeo to check out Good Will to see if they had any camera stuff. Same old stuff, nothing new really. The only thing I really wanna get is that original Sega Genesis, but that's about it. Headed to El Sobrante's Good Will, and surprised to find Polaroid cameras stacked. Had to get them all. After this Good Will, checked out one last one in San Pablo's Good Will. Nothing really an average, Good Will. Mindy just ended up getting this rare purse or bag. When I got home, I found out that one of the Polaroid I got, still had some film in it. Took a picture of my older brother Rey & Mindy. They came out alright. Free film for the win.

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062 of 365, Otter pops.

063 of 365, Polaroid film.

064 of 365, Black Rapid RS-4 strap.