Decided to head out to Ikea to check a few things. For some reason I can never get Tired of that place. They always got some interesting things in there. Got hungry so decided to eat at Ikea as well. Checked out Sephora since Mindy wanted to check some things out. Afterwards, headed out to Alemeda for this game place called Play N Trade. I checked out Yelp.com for some reviews and Play N Trade had good ones. The place lets you play games before you buy it which is really cool. Decided to get Golden Eye 007 for N64 for 8 dollars.

On Amazon there running for a bit more so I guess I got it for an average price. Not only that, I sue to play this game when I was younger. Marvin met up with us. After Play N Trade, headed out to Marvin's place to chill. Watched Ong Bak 2. Movie is fucking crazy. Not a bad day for a Tuesday.

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068 of 365, Golden Eye 007 N64.