Keep moving.

So lets see here now. I changed my layout to something that should of been done since the year started, I am now just getting done with that, or am done until I have another idea. This idea was from 2009 going to 2010. I had countless and numerous ideas to change this simple layout into a more better one. For the last week or so, I got a piece of paper and started to drop down everything I always wanted on my blog. It's not exactly how I predicted it, but as I keep adding more and more thoughts onto here, more gets added. Pretty interesting.

I have now added a white border, and then a small black border, which you cant see. I have did a new tag that was the same font from the previous into an updated version. So that's keeping something what I started with but an update. I wanted it to be a hand drawn but I couldn't or was too lazy which I know for sure,
Laziness won't get me anywhere. Background is black, new banner, im cool with it, but it's something that might stay for a while like the previous banner. Colors have switched, wanted to try a black background this time. A few more things added. The more common links are at the very top for easy access. Date, time and title has changed as well.

Not only that, for a few years, I always wanted to shot shoe pictures with a white background. Now it's a black background which I always wanted to do. I am also trying to perfect a black background for the shoes, most of the time there how I want it to be, and now this time, white shoes with a white background wont be over exposed. That's my number one thing I hate, over exposed photos. I am also no longer posting my 365 here, they will be posted on my Flickr for those who want to actually see what my 365. Anyways, I have a few more ideas, but wont be until later.

I have also had a tumblr for a while, but never actually used it. I know I might be a hypocrite since I said I wont use it, but I thought about it just like how I have Twitter in the first place. I use Tumblr to promote my blog in general and see if people like my pictures. The majority of people that I know have a Tumblr, so they can also help me out.

As always peep my
Flickr. Thanks.