Lets see here now

Friday was my day off so I decided to go down to San Jose with Mindy, Mitch, K.J, Sean, & Ron. I never ate at The Boiling Crab, but from what I have heard it's really good. We got there early and decided to wait about 15 minutes before they opened, and we were there first. K.J. & Mitch had said it was really good, so I took there word. I had ordered, 1 pound of shrimp with the whole sha-bang. The Boiling Crab was alright, I expected more out of it. The sauce wasn't as good as I expected or as other say it was hella good. It's okay, I've had better. Before they opened, there was already a long line, and I never understood why this place was so great, and after eating there, it's not that great. I don't see myself going back here, only to write on the walls "www.dunksrnice.net" just to promote my blog, but that's about it. "Sorry but, In-N-Out over The Boiling Crab."

After eating we just hit up Target and headed out to Golf Land because we wanted to play Arcade games. As always, I am playing Ms. Pacman. I can never get tired of that game, that I even have it for my Xbox 360, with different versions. We decided to head to Chuck E. Cheese to go play more games and win tickets. After Chuck E. Cheese, we were hungry so we headed out to La Vics. There orange sauce is good, but spicy to me. We got tired so we just went back to K.J's house to drink and chill. Not a bad day, although came home around 4ish and had work a few hours later.

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