Z B&W.

Dashboard B&W.

Rim B&W.

Lights B&W.

Decided to shot some sneaker pictures with a white background.
2001 Black/Red I's

Came home from work and I found these babies waiting for me, wearable 1994 White Cement III’s. I decided to take a picture with my DS 1994 Black Cement III’s. Crazy thing about the Black Cement III’s, they have never been laced. Not only that, the White Cement III’s are wearable. I find it hard to believe myself that the midsoles are still firm.

The III’s are my all time favorite Air Jordan of all time. They released them in 1988, and surprisingly they were on sale racks. Fast forward to 1994, they sold out quick. One of the unique things about 94 pairs, they retro-ed them for the first time. The quality is amazing compared to these crappy retros now a days. It still doesn’t beat an 88 pair which I’m still trying to find. I have stumbled upon a couple pairs, but it’s either; Not my size, Price, or Wrong timing. I’m still on the hunt for 1988 DS Black Cement III pair with og everything cracked or not. Call me crazy or whatever, I’ll drop an arm and an leg for a pair.

1994 Black & White III's.

1994 White Cement III's.

1994 White Cement III's.