Validation & Vent

Acdamey of Art San Francisco is the next big step I'm taking. For everyone & anyone who said my photography was great & more, it meant a lot to me because I knew I could of made something out of it. No matter how many times I check out forums, blogs & sites that is photography related, a gratitude of appreciation meant a lot more. I had some advice from friends who went to Academy of Art and I couldn't be more excited from what great news I hear from there.

Options are always open for me. My direction of being a nature/macro photography is that direction still, but doing a blog that I have been running a while, I can further that into a photo journalism. My English and writing stories may not be the best, but that's not my profession. I let the pictures do the talking. I have always been fascinated by photography when I was growing up. There's so much a picture can tell.

My manager/boss told me that he was disappointed when I was going to do nursing back in 2008. He told me that I was more of the artsy type of guy and should of went into that direction. On another note, there have been those comments on how its going to be so expensive. I can careless how expensive this school is, I'm doing something that I really love doing. That's something you can't put a price on.


Lakers Vs. Celtics Game 7. Eric told me that when the Celtics win, I had to post a blog entry on them winning and him with this same exact picture. Eric wanted everything black and white and him in color only. Sorry Eric.


In 2008, my grandmother passed away.
In 2009, my homie Jay R & close friend Chad passed away.
This year, my Uncle passed away.

Now my mom was on the phone when she heard the terrible news. She called me saying she had bad news. She told me my uncle passed away. She wasn’t crying, but her voice was very soft. My mom told me that my uncle was on a flight back to the Philippines. He was going to his home town and then to Guam which is two hours away. From what I’ve been told he died from a heart attack.

My mom never got along with my uncle. He would bother my mom for money. My mom would give my uncle money, but as my uncle became more money hungry, my mom would say no. The fucked up part is that when my mom would ask where her money is, or when I’m getting it back, he would just get mad. Like real talk, you owe my mom money, why would you be the one to be mad at her. He would bother my favorite cousin who I usually talk to. He knew that my cousin and her family is struggling, but he would bother them for money regardless because he’s money hungry.

I actually never had a good memory with my uncle. I don’t know if its a sad or bad thing. He would sometimes visit, but not a lot. Regardless or not, he’s still my uncle. R.I.P Uncle.

Paryer B&W.

Hailey, my favorite niece who I still buy shoes for. She's growing up.


Give me another reason not to let any one drive my car unless there experienced. My younger brother's ex girlfriend crashed his car. No one was hurt.