"You want to inspire people with your photography. That's a big thing, is to inspire. As a kid, you always wanted to be inspired by someone so that's a great thing to be able to do and I hope I've done it and I hope I do it. I think t.v. is good, but we get different angles and see things differently like I mean they look at the motion of something, but when you shoot something, you still look at the motion and still look at things go, but you pick the best bit out of it and that's the difference. The difference with film is you can shoot the beginning and end of it and it's great because your shooting for 20 or 30 seconds, but a still is the peak of what your going to shoot with regardless whether if it's long lens or short lens. The still is your picking a unique part of that flow and motion. If you shot that well, then you have picked the best part of it. I think still is better then film because you tell a story in a split second and not in 30 seconds.

Everything we do is new. Everything that your photograph and happens in front of you live is something that will never ever happen again. No one will run the same way across in front of you again or no one will fall the same way or keep the ball or score the same goal or any of that kind of stuff or celebrate the same way. That sort of stuff is what keeps me from getting up and doing it. It's a unique thing that we do, it's not like sitting in an office and filling out forms and doing that sort of stuff that people do. There's no formula of how we do things, part of a formula but the end result is always different, always completely different."

- Steve Christo.

Light poles.