Good times

Oh the good times I have had this summer. Last night I took the time to actually look at my blog and the amount of pictures I have taken were some great memories. I'm heading off back to school soon so I decided to take some time to gather some pictures that I felt were some good memories. There not in any particular order, but after looking at what I have done these few past months, they were great.

Some were worried if I wasn't planning on going back to school or not because I dropped out of Nursing school. Yeah typical Filipino. Nursing was cool and all, but got boring. It wasn't what I really wanted to do which was more a money & being stable type of job. It's cool and all but I knew that shit wasn't for me. Starting this Fall, I am going to Academy of Art University to pursue my career in photography. 4 years ago, I should of done this decision, but I have no regrets & I just learn from them like mistakes. The quote or term "Do what you love" has a higher meaning to me.

I have been taking photos as a young age when my dad gave me a film camera. Not so sure to be exact what camera model, but after taking pictures, I knew id like doing this for a long time. I started off taking more pictures from a point and shoot and finally decided to get a dslr. I instantly notice a huge difference from a point and shoot to a dslr. A lot of people could not picture me as nurse and even my own boss told me that he was disappointed in me for taking that path. He told me that I was more of the artist type of guy and you would be wasting your time. Little did I know he was right.

It's rare when you see me actually put some input and thoughts on my blog. I rarely do this now a days because I turned this more into a photo blog now a days. These few past months I have been asking people what they honestly think of my blog? What do you like and dislike? What would you like to see more? Why does it matter? Because criticism is always good in my book regardless if there harsh or not. Debating on Photojournalist or Nature photographer. On another note, ask yourself this "Do you see yourself doing this in the next 25 years from now?

Good times.