Patience is virtue

Good things come to those who wait.

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The title means more then you think. I have been into shoes for the longest and I got more serious in 2003. As of today I have obtained my Holy Grails, 1988 Black Cement III's. There not in the best condition nor do they come with all the original accessories and box. There are few main reason why these are my Holy Grails. First off, I was born in that same year. I was born in 1988 and I always thought that owning something in the year I was born in was pretty cool to have, not to mention it means something to me. Second, there my favorite Air Jordan model. One thing that is memorable is when Michael Jordan did a slam dunk which defined flight for me. Third of all the overall design of this model. It was the first for many to come, not to mention elephant print.

When I came home, I was estatic, more yet shocked that I was able to obtain a pair. Again there not the the best condition, but I knew for a fact it was too rare & too hard to pass on these. When I finally took a look at the shoe tag, I was even more surprised to find out, they were made two days after i was born, 07.09.1988. Not a single shoe I have shoe I have own or seen has that date, so this means so much more too me. I told myself I would drop an arm & leg for a pair in the condition and all accessories along with the box, but that leads to my title, Patience is virtue. I am good for a while, but I am not done, there's too many shoes that I have yet to obtain. I will have more pictures in the future & plan to restore these as best as possible. I will have a day to day update on them.

Left to Right: 2001, 1994, 1988, Size: 9.

88 94 01.