For countless months and from time to time, I finally boiled it down to a decision. I plan on posting my shoe collection and give a brief history for each shoe. Each shoe has a story. I plan on selling most of my shoes except the sentimental vaule ones & my customs. Those two mean so much to me and I couldn't see myself part with them. Ever since I finally obtained my holy grails, 1988 Black Cement III's, that pretty much did it for me. Even my name dunksrnice comes from shoes. For those who have a hobby and a passion for something and been in it for quiet some time know what I mean. It's a very complex decision and thats time to decide on what to do. If it wasn't for shoes, I probably wouldn't never meet you or ever been into photography. Stay tuned.




For those who haven't seen the video were I was interviewed, peep it right here. Inspiration is key.

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