I had a short photoshoot with my homie Andrew Nienu from Disney's Shake It up along with other television shows & videos he's been in. His brother Stephen tagged along as well. Since Andrew was in town for a few days, we decided to take some quick snap shots for his portfolio. On a short notice of time, I didn't bring my 50mm nor use on and off flash or strobes. I felt using natural light and the light that is provided. First stop was at some random train tracks. Wasn't the best location along with the trees, but I worked with what I was given and came out better then I expected. Then we headed to this docking fish area, but didn't work out so we found this building close by and got a couple snaps in. For something being short notice, it was pretty fun. Next time for sure we shall plan something better. Thanks again Andrew.

Afterwards, we decided to head out since me & Mindy's original plan was to go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Since Mindy & I were hungry, we got some Sonics and then headed out to Discovery Kingdom. The place some what changed since the last time I went here was a few years ago. They started to charge one dollar for certain rides now. I mean I can understand the policy of items and personal belongs being lost, but the cubbies before you get on the ride still are some what better depending what someone brings along. From personal experience, I never had anything stolen or lost at an amusement park. Again it has it's pros and cons, I really don't mind spending one dollar for a locker for a period of time. What made me and Mindy's experience not so great this time was their new ride attraction Sky Screamer was closed. I was pretty much bumbed because this was one of the main reasons why I wanted to go. It's alright, theirs always next time.

Andrew Nienu.

Stephen Nienu.

Andrew Nienu.


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom B&W.

Tiger B&W.

Elephant B&W.

Giraffe B&W.










Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

223 of 365.
223 of 365 - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.