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Today was a pretty fun filled day, but very tiring. Stopped by Emeryville to visit Mitch for a little bit and dropped him off at West Oakland Bart. Headed to Calumet to find myself buying a new tripod. My previous tripod was pretty much broken so I knew it was time for a new one. Ended up getting a Calumet brand that came with a quick release as well as a tripod bag because I hate lunging my tripod. I also bought some film for Mindy as well. After shopping, decided to take some photos outside the building since they have some graffiti art work on some buildings. Had work from 4 p.m. until closing. Came in early and ended up buying four more Series 23 Bearbricks. Work was pretty chill and relaxing. A bunch of friends stopped by. Afterwards, headed back to Emeryville to meet up with Mitch and Nick since they were tagging along with to Carla's party. Party ended short and headed home.

Train B&W.






Cords B&W.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

T & A.



076 of 366.
076 of 366 || Fill.