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Had my morning class like always on Thursday. While on break, I as pretty tired. Decided to stop by a local liquor store and try some new energy drink. I usually try to avoid them but this time was needed. I ended up buying and trying Nos Energy drink for the first time and I must say, it works. After class was done, walked around downtown San Francisco for a few pictures since the weather cleared up. When I got home, I took pictures of my recently acquired 1994 White and Red II Lows with original everything. One of my goals I always wanted was to complete a 1994 retro Jordan set. I am now four out of six from being completed. My 94' White Cement III's don't have the original box, but a replacement 94' box. The crazy thing about that pair alone is the fact it's wearable which you don't see very often. My 94' White and Red I's, which are in immaculate condition doesn't have a 94' box at all. I would really like to actually obtain most of it in general even though having the shoes itself is great; it's a bonus to have the box. I'm only missing a Black and Red I's and White and Red II Highs. I have a few other goals for Jordan's, but for now, I'm just ecstatic to obtain these II's. The hunt is still on!






Union Square, San Francisco.

Union Square, San Francisco.


Two B&W.

Hercules, Ca.

1994 White/Red II's.

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