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It's just about that time, finals week. Majority of students like me, barely or don't sleep at all. Cramming most of there own time just to get down what they can. Some don't even bother due to many other reasons. On my behalf, just about all really. I had work in the afternoon again at 4 p.m. with Mike and Zalo. Work was more productive than usual. Zalo had random toy figurines in the back which he somewhat knew and I randomly got some. Some Bearbricks I didn't have to add to my collection. I closed with Zalo at work. After work headed to Steph's to shoot for me and Billy's final. Billy and me had some issues at first with the lighting issue so we decided to use our own speedlite. Since we were running on time we got just a few done and called it a night. Thanks again Steph and Mike.




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128 of 366.
128 of 366 || Management.