138 of 366 || Endless Beginning

After countless hours of sleep lost and possibly one of the harder semesters I have had, the stress factor is now a big relief off my shoulders. Had my last and final class today. My presentation went better than expected and hearing my instructor telling me I pass the class with an unexpected grade, was well worth it. I felt these last few weeks; I needed to express myself in a certain matter of how I vision the school. Both have its pros and cons, but within the next few days I shall see how I feel about it. After class, went downtown to shoot with full on good attitude. I stopped by my favorite pier, Pier 14. I always love this pier, not only is the view breath taking, it's a place for me to relax and think about everything. Sometimes you just need to get away from everything and just think. It's really a stress reliever.

Afterwards, met up with Arthur at the Ferry building. Since Arthur is moving to the East Coast, I knew we had to have at least one photo together for memories. We decided to take a new path in shooting and go towards the Giants stadium. Although there were no clouds in site, the weather was still nice but somewhat windy. Ended up taking photos around the stadium. Headed to Gasser so Arthur can buy some film for his camera. Since my allergies were acting up, I headed out after probably saying my last goodbye to Arthur before he moves. It's okay because the memories we had will last a very long time. Took Bart home and knocked out. I decided to watch The Avengers with Mindy at Emeryville Bay St for a mini celebration. We usually wait a week or two to watch a movie so we have a great seating view as well as no one ruins our movie experience. Great movie overall and well worth it. It was a great way to end my first day of my four-month summer break. Summer is now upon me, and I'm taking full advantage of it by taking as much opportunities that come my way. Before you know it, it will all be over and it will be another time to look back. Stay Driven!


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U B&W.








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138 of 366.
138 of 366 || Endless Beginning