151 of 366 || Golden

Pretty fun and tiring day. Got dropped off downtown by Rhandy and met up with Steven, Sean, and Aidan. Since we were all hungry, decided to grab a bite to eat at a local Japanese restaurant. Ordered the Chicken Udon and it pretty decent. After eating, we went to shoot around downtown for a bit and ended up at Lomo. Stayed for a bit and headed back to Sean's car. The original plan was to actually walk to Golden Gate Bridge but we decided to drive and shoot around Marin Headlines. Although it was windy, got some decent photos. After shooting around Marin Headlines, went down to Fort Point since I never been there before. Pretty cool place I must say. They had a few activity buildings around the area, which was cool; I plan on stopping by when I can.

After shooting around, headed back downtown, and got dropped off downtown. Stopped by Urban Outfitters to meet up with Mindy. I wasn't planning on getting anything, but Mindy found this photo album that says A Photo a Day. Since I completed one last year, I'm going to print all my 366 photos and fill it up. Not only that, the photo album was on sale for a price I couldn't pass up. Afterwards, got picked up by Rhandy and Girlie. Decided to stop by Bay Street in Emeryville since Rhandy and Girlie needed to return something at Lush. After Bay Street, headed to 99 Ranch for some drinks and went home. As for my 366 entry for today, it was my memory card, but taken with Sean's 7D and his Rokinon Fisheye 8mm. It's a manual focus lens and for the price you can't really complain, it's a bang for its buck. We tried my 17-35mm but wasn't wide enough and honestly, I some what miss having a fisheye lens. Even though I have a wide angle lens, at times 17mm isn't wide enough and I find myself looking at Nikon's 14-24mm lens or even the Sigma Fisheye 15mm or Nikon's 16mm Fisheye. It's one of those lens that's purposely more fun than being anything serious. For those who are a sucker for that super wide distorted look, know what I'm talking about. Who knows, might end up getting both a more wider focal length and fisheye.






















151 of 366.
151 of 366 || Golden.