169 of 366 || Pops

Had work in the afternoon until closing with Mike and Sharon. I was pretty drained out since I barely got any sleep. Work was pretty chill of course. After work, the weather was really ugly. In the early afternoon, it was sunny and warm; all of a sudden it became foggy and misty. Met up with Marty in Daly to do a quick meet up. Then headed out to South City to grab Mindy's bag from Tommy and Arlynne's place since we forgot to pick it up. Headed back home after a long day. Before I gave my pops his father's day gift, I showed him a photo of us on my 2nd birthday, which was 20 years ago.

This was probably another project that I'm doing, which is recreating old photographs in photo albums such as holidays or events. After showing him the photo, I presented him with a framed Manny Pacquiao of him training. The photo quality isn't as bad compared to the autographed ones. Those aren't that great and cost a bit more. My pops was happy receiving his gift from me since he is a Manny Pacquiao fan. The best part was recreating the photo we took 20 years ago. Although everything isn't the exact same, it's okay, memories like this are priceless and will last forever. Happy Fathers Day!




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169 of 366.
169 of 366 || Growing - Dad & I.