Dunksrnice Dot Net - 5 Years Later


   Every June around this time, I renew my domain name from Blogger. Five years later, its still going strong and I'm getting better and better. I can honestly say I never imaged myself having this blog or a photo blog as others would label it, come this far. It started off very simple, have a camera, take pictures, post it and talk about what went on - Nothing more, nothing less. Through out the years, that concept has never changed at all. It was the consistency and how driven I was to reach this certain milestone. From a single concept, being featured on numerous online sites, to now having a variety of background to making a dream a reality, I certainly have came far. So thank you, Yes You, the person viewing this along with those who label themselves as a fan or a supporter. I appreciate all the support and love I get from this blog. Thank you all. I shall continue to learn, grow and present my life still on a day-to-day basis as the years come. 

Some Facts:
1 - The name Dunksrnice was created in 2003 as a shoe fanatic.
2 - The name Dunksrnice was actually suppose to be Dunksarenice or Dunks Are Nice, but it looked weird so I decided to have it Dunksrnice.
3 - The letter "R" in Dunksrnice is actually meant for my first letter of my name. The other meaning is self explanitory.
4 - Dunksrnice Dot Com was the first choice, but was taken by an advertising site. 
5 - The site was intentially made for sneakers, but has far grown from it.

Taking a look back through out the years;

Late 2006/ Early 2007 - Sony Cybershot Point & Shoot.
Smaller sized photo, over contrast, brightness & hue. Didn't care as much because I didn't take it as serious. Sharpening over done. The watermark is still developing, but it idea was simple, showing how your life on a day to day basis.

Early 2007 - Nikon D40 || 18-55mm 
I wanted a better camera to have better quality in photos. I decided to pick Nikon because the overall layout of the camera body. It was very simple and easy to use. My hobby in photography was slowly growing and developing. I had the Blogspot watermark but still trying new things. Didn't know too much about photography, again still learning.

Late 2007/Early 2008 - Nikon D40 || 18-55mm
The Blogspot on the watermark was a bit long, so I shorten it and just had the Dunksrnice alone. The photo itself is self explanatory, but I still find errors overall in this photo such as the bad reotuching and cloning of the grass. The blacks and shadow detail in shoes are lost due to over contrast and brightness. The camera body was good, but at times, it was limiting myself. Experimenting and trying new perspective views on objects such as shoes.

Early 2009 - Nikon D90 || Fisheye 10.5mm
After two years, I upgraded to a Nikon D90. I had previous Nikon gear, so I stuck with Nikon. I wanted a camera body to auto focus on majority of lenses along with better color, contrast and clarity. The auto focus system was great along with the HD live view with many other great features, it was something I wanted. Didn't take it as serious but I was still trying to figure out what more can I do. Decided to finally have Dunksrnice dot net. There were at times were I did input a www dot, but I decided to shorten it for a while.

Mid 2009 - Nikon D90 || 50mm 
Found myself shooting with more primes than zoom lens. I would help develp my craft and have a better eye on things. The watermark was sloppy, but I was trying something different than the previous years. At this certain point, I found myself being more serious. Trying new angles, tones, and experimenting new things to better myself. 

2010 - Nikon D90 || 17-55mm
My good friend Marvin T. let me borrow his 17-55mm F.2.8 The constant aperture would help me with low light situations along with the quality and color. It was an overall killer combo. This was the only lens I used at this point because my style was starting to change just like it has in the past years. I was developing my photojournalist style. I found my hobby growing more and more so I finally decided to pursue it. This watermark was more of my favorites. It was about three to six different concepts until I narrowed it down to something simple but different than the previous years. 

Early 2011 - Nikon D300 || Fisheye 10.5mm
The start of 2011, I wanted to do a Project 365. Marvin T. not only let me borrow his 17-55mm lens, he let me borrow his Nikon D300 and his 10.5mm Fisheye lens. The only reason why I borrowed the D300 was to get a feel of how more advanced Nikon bodies work. In a matter of short time, I got used to it, but still found myself using the D90 more. The fisheye is more of a fun lens rather than a professional use lens. It gave me that wide perspective few just as the photo below. 
101 of 365 - Hometown.

2011 - Nikon D90 || 17-55mm
For 2011 alone, my 365 entries never had a watermark on them. It was the first time without any watermark, but a tiny black and white border just like a picture frame. 
118 of 365 - Aquarium of the Bay(Explored)

Mid 2011 - Nikon D700 || 24-70mm 
After a little over two years, I upgraded my camera body again to a D700. It was a giant leap from going to a crop body to a full frame body. It was a giant leap and a step closer in pursuing photography. The overall aspect of the camera body is just amazing, it does wonders. Just superb in general. The watermark was a simple one really. More of a picture stamp than an actual written one. 
Occupy San Francisco Protest, 11.16.11

I still shoot with my trusty and handy D700. Most shots now are taken with a 17-35mm. The wide perspective view and how it gives a different eye on things, makes it even better. The watermark has changed. I looked back on what needed to be fixed and how it should be presented. I decided to make the black borders in a different placement. It gave a cinematic theater feel for each photo. 
01.21.12 || Socal Day 002.

069 of 366 || San Francisco, Ca.

With that being said, thank you all for all the support over the years!