189 of 366 || Another Year Older

Another year older is another year wiser. I decided instead of going out and partying, I just wanted to relax. Not only that I wanted to skydive for the first time. My day started off by heading to Stockton to meet up with Jon since the skydiving location was in Lodi. Mindy and Jon didn't want to skydive but they were there for ground support, which I appreciated. The instructors and staff were very friendly. I was more anxious to actually jump than being nervous really. Once I got suited up, my plane came pretty quick. It took 15 minutes to reach 13,000 feet in the air. My ears didn't get plugged, but the goggles to protect my glasses and eyes did fog up. Right when the doors opened, it was a pretty cool feeling. Before I knew it, I was already in the air falling very quickly. I was in the air just like a bird for a good 10 minutes. Before I knew it, I was already on the ground safely. I must say, one of the best experiences ever and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Afterwards, got to watch my video and check out some pictures. Since we were hungry decided to head to Sonics for a quick bite. The weather got hotter as the day got along. After eating, headed to Target because Jon needed to grab a few items for his place. Headed back to Jon's to chill, relax, and play video games. Since it was getting dark, headed back to my place to have a family dinner. On our way back, we got caught up with major traffic. After an hour or so, we got back to my place and then rested for a bit. Then we headed out to Texas Roadhouse and of course the steak was pretty good. All in all, I'm exhausted but one birthday I'll never forget. Last but not least, Thank You all who wished and greeted me a Happy Birthday. Means a lot and very appreciated. Cheers to another year!








R & J.






J & M.








The video of me skydiving. The lady who recorded and took photos picked the music for me. Thumbs up for everything!

Pictures from skydiving.
The moment we jumped off.

Nothing but a beautiful view and flying like a bird.

And of course, 189 of 366!
189 of 366 || Another Year Older