221 of 366 || Pack

Woke up early to start my day off. Dropped off Mindy at Bart around 8 in the morning. Headed back home to eat breakfast and drink some tea to think about what to do today. For the most part, packed since I'm heading out to Las Vegas this weekend with the family since my younger brother (Rhandy) is turning 21. Just took my time and played the safe side. In the afternoon, I had work with Mindy, Zalo, Sharon, & Christina. Work was pretty chill and busy at times. After work, stopped by Sharon's so we can borrow a luggage for Mindy. Headed straight home afterwards. Not many photos, but tomorrow for sure. Expecting a pretty good turnout. Stay tuned!


Dress B&W.

M & D.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

221 of 366.
221 of 366 || Packing.