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Since I'm covering Identity Festival tomorrow and don't have any telephoto lens, I had to rent one. The place I usually borrow lens, moved and each placed wanted a deductible. Lucky for me, Borrow Lenses was located in the Bay Area. They do rentals without any deductible, which was great. Since I had work in the afternoon, left my house an hour early to stop by Borrow Lenses. I decided to borrow the 70-200mm F/2.8, just in case I need super up close shots. Afterwards, stopped by Joey's since Mindy & Me are staying to night. Not only does it save us time, but gas as well since gasoline has gone up. Had work in the afternoon and it was pretty chill. After work, drove downtown to Cheesecake Factory since Joey and Krystle were having dinner with their old roommates. After eating, dropped off Ali, Fergie, and Judy to Bart since they're going somewhere else for the night. All in all, a pretty productive day and excited for tomorrow's event. Stay tuned for the recap!






Union Square, San Francisco.





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229 of 366 || Rental