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So originally I wanted to relax and chill around the house, but decided to check out a new Urban Outfitters that's somewhat near us. In this case it was pretty organized and had a pretty nice selection. Afterwards, checked out Public Market and then Target. At the end of the day, I purchased Impossible Film by The-Impossible-Project. For quite sometime, I have been meaning to purchase one to actually see if it will benefit me or a lot better than the Fuji Instax that I bought Mindy for her birthday as of last year. Having a bunch of Polaroid's lying around, I decided to do something about it. Fairly easy to use, the Impossible Film develops very slow compared to Instax Film. While comparing both, the Instax develops a lot faster, has more contrast to it, and seems sharper. On the other hand, the Impossible has the old school film shape that brings it back to how it was done in the older years. Not only that, the colors gives that cool vintage look compared to the Instax. Both do have their pros and cons, but it's fairly hard to narrow it down to one. I like the Impossible Film slightly better only because of it's shape and vintage look to it, although I wish it developed a lot faster and some what a nice contrast to it. The price is all right. Again mixed between the two. Some Polaroid models don't have distance meter while some do like the One Step models. I think that's one problem someone might have with shooting. For now, I shoot digital so I have unlimited photos as possible, compared to film, you're very limited but that's the fun of all this and why I do it.













239 of 366.
239 fo 366 || Film