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Went to sleep really late last night so after dropping Mindy off at Bart since she had work, I slept in for the most part. Worked on Carl's XI's for a bit. Later on in the day, Mitch and Edelin wanted to grab a bite to eat at Wendy's. Eric met up with us afterwards and talked for a bit. Headed back to my place to play N64 and chill. Jeremiah stopped by as well and from there we headed to Mitch's place to chill for the rest of the night. Decided to stop by Target to see if they had Campbell's Tomato soup Andy Warhol edition since it's been 50 years. They only had a few left so I decided to get one. Interesting day. Thanks again for driving Jeremiah.



E & M.




247 of 366.
247 of 366 || Gather.