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Since I have night classes on Thursday, I still had a good amount of errands to run. I was supposed to get up early and head out to San Francisco to meet up Romar. Instead, I ended up rushing and wasting more time than I thought. After running errands, met up with Romar since we planned on taking some photos where they filmed my favorite movie, The Pursuit of Happiness. It was a lot easier this time since we didn't have any trouble. After shooting for a bit and messing around, we got hungry and decided to eat at Ajisen Ramen house in Westfield Shopping Mall. After eating, Romar had to meet up with his cousin while I had to print for my class. Walked my way to New Montgomery and took my time since it was a bit empty at the lab. After printing, headed off to class and went fairly okay. Since the course is people photography, the criticizing was a bit harder than usual. It's a good and bad thing but I see it more as a good thing because not a lot of people would tell you. From that point on, I needed to set the bar high so I can really push myself. After class, headed to Bart and went home. On another note, I need to spend my time more wisely rather than sleeping.

Dark B&W.

Shine B&W.

Sun B&W.

Lite B&W.









Sit B&W.






Light B&W.

264 of 366.
264 of 366 || Es Ef.