270 of 366 || Fog

Since today was my day off, decided to head out to San Francisco for a relaxing fun day. Headed out and stopped by Haight to see if anything was new. Took some photos here and there and then walked to Golden Gate Park where they had a massive playground area. Two reasons, one to enjoy my day off and two was to photograph kids just being kids. I decided to scout the area until I found a kid in there own little world. I was able to after asking a nice young mother. Now a days you can't just take photos of kids because you'll look like a pedophile or a plain creep. The cool thing about the mother was she attends AAU as an instructor so she totally understood where I was coming from. After taking a few pictures, headed out to Stonestown since I had to do a quick meet up. From there, we tried getting Mindy her Iphone 5. We had no luck as every place was sold out. Since we got hungry, decided to eat some Pho since today was super cold. After eating, headed out to Joey's place for a quick visit. Since Marvin wanted to go night shooting at Ocean Beach, headed over there right after Joey's. It was really foggy. I believe the fog doesn't ruin any night photos unless it's really dense to the point where you can't see. For tonight it was foggy but just enough where you can get some mysterious photos. After shooting around Ocean Beach area, decided to call it a night a save the next upcoming locations for another night.



Corner B&W.

Tall B&W.



Super 7, San Francisco.

Super 7, San Francisco.

Super 7, San Francisco.

True, San Francisco.

True, San Francisco.






Listen B&W.








Tree B&W.

Cliff House, San Francisco.

Stairs B&W.

Wave B&W.

M B&W.

Splash B&W.

270 of 366.
270 of 366 || Cliff House, San Francisco B&W.